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Patient Stories and Family Experiences

Evelyn Chikahisa and Tracey Doi are wife and daughter, respectively, to the late Ray Chikahisa, who passed away at age 93 in October of 2020. Tracey shared, “I just really hope this conversation helps compel other families to feel comfortable in reaching out for assistance when they need it. And I want to thank the whole team, because they did a phenomenal job and made it a lot easier for Mom and our family.”

Emi shared, in tears, how Iyashi Care has been a powerful support initially for her late husband, and now herself, as she copes with the death of her husband and living alone. She most appreciates how Dr. Yanami is, to her, “more like a friend” who assists her.

Read about Ellen, who lives alone with multiple chronic illnesses. Iyashi Care helped improve her quality of life and provides a sense of safety and security. She calls Iyashi Care “an all-encompassing service.”

Read about community leader Jack Fujimoto as he shares about his experience receiving support from the Iyashi Care team as he cares for his wife with dementia, all while managing his own health conditions. He shared that the best benefit of having Iyashi Care was “the confidence instilled in me to recapture a way of life worth living through these ‘sunset’ years.”

The fight against cancer and finding new treatment options was a challenge for Tadashi, who was primarily Japanese-speaking. He and his friend Mika found peace of mind through Iyashi Care. Read about how just one day of Iyashi Care support made all the difference.

Read about five different situations where Iyashi Care helped a patient, ranging from medication coordination, facilitating difficult family conversations, caregiving coordination, advance directives and goals of care discussion, and more.

David Ito enrolled his mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, in our Iyashi Care program. Thanks to the Iyashi Care team, they were able to prevent an ER visit. He says that the program not only met his mother’s needs, but also became a source of emotional support for him.

Fifteen years after beating cancer, Masami found herself battling a familiar enemy once again. Learn how Iyashi Care helped Masami and her husband, Hiro, navigate the health care system while fighting her illness. “The team truly is a group of ‘care specialists’ – they know how to support us medically and more importantly, emotionally.” – Hiro

Read Stan’s story on how one phone call brought him peace-of-mind as a family caregiver. “[Iyashi Care] really is another resource, especially for someone grappling with what to do, or who doesn’t know where to start. And everyone is seeking the best for their loved ones.”

Talking with the Iyashi Care Team

Chatting with the Iyashi Care Team Series – We sat down with the Iyashi Care team members – Yuichi Edwin Yanami, doctor; Kanako Fukuyama, social worker; and Joshua Northcutt, nurse – to learn more about how they support patients and their loves ones:
Part 1: Never Too Early to Call
Part 2: Supporting Caregivers with the most common case – living with dementia
Part 3: Difficult Conversations with Family Members
Part 4: Culturally-Sensitive Care
Part 5: Palliative Care in Action

A Day in a Life – We asked some of the Iyashi Care team members to share about what their role is.

Services Provided by Iyashi Care

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