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  • 10 Tips to Prevent Future Scams

    Each day, older adults are targeted by scammers and their deceiving tactics which may potentially result in billions of dollars lost. Scams continue to evolve over time, keeping up with current events. Here are a few tips to prevent future scams.

  • Coping with Social Isolation

    The physical and mental effects of social isolation can have lasting effects like increased risk for heart disease, stroke, and even cognitive impairment. Use this information for yourself or someone you know experiencing social isolation and loneliness.

  • First Aid Checklist

    A well maintained first aid kit can prove useful in most first aid emergencies but can also enhance one’s quality of life by providing a peace of mind knowing you have the supplies on stand-by.

  • How to Prepare for an ER Visit

    A visit to the emergency room (ER) can be a stressful experience. However, if we prepare ourselves, our documents, and loved ones accordingly, we can add some stability and reassurance to make the ER visit a more manageable experience. Use this checklist to help you and your loved ones prepare accordingly.

  • THE Steps to Finding the Right Care Facility Resource Page

    This resource page includes questions to ask yourself about your own needs when searching for a care facility. It also includes two checklists for when you visit or inquire about a facility, one for assisted living and one for skilled nursing facilities.

  • Three Levels of Home Modification – Action Planner

    Use this action planner to identify areas in the home to make modifications for independence and autonomy.

  • Weekly Meal Tracker

    Use this meal tracker to record meals and help you meet your healthy eating goals!

  • Preventing Senior Scams

    Each day, older adults are targeted by scammers and their deceiving tactics resulting in billions of dollars lost. This interactive class shared common tips to avoid being scammed.

  • Preventing Falls: Taking Control of Risks

    With around 36 million reported cases per year among older adults, falls are a public health concern. This class discussed shared concerns about falling and to learn tips to reduce your risk of falls in and around the house.