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Due to COVID-19, Keiro has decided to transition all of our scheduled in-person events in 2020 to alternative formats. Read full statement here.




“The Most Important Thing Is I Feel Secure Now”: Tales of Service and Support From an Iyashi Care Patient

Introducing Ellen Even before she was introduced to Iyashi Care, 74-year-old Ellen Mizoguchi knew the many factors of wellbeing that are affected when living with a chronic medical condition. Ellen…


Cold, Flu, and COVID-19

After spending over half of 2020 staying at home due to COVID-19, flu season is just around the corner. Influenza, or flu, season reaches its peak during the winter months,…

Why Should I Attend Symposium? Here’s What Our Speakers Say

-Keiro Symposium 2020 Previews- For the first time, this year’s Keiro Symposium is being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The interactive Zoom webinar will provide attendees with innovative…


Bridging Hearts, Distances, and Generations With Kokoro no Hashi

On the afternoon of August 13th, 2020, an enthusiastic virtual audience experienced music, dance, and magic during the inaugural run of Kokoro no Hashi, a program showcasing the diverse talents…

Stress Management During COVID-19

Stress can be displayed in different ways such as fear, anxiety, or anger. These are all normal emotions to be feeling at this time. Older adults and those with underlying…

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Tips on Hosting Zoom Meetings

Follow these tips to learn how to prepare for and host a Zoom meeting. Plan Ahead Before hosting a Zoom meeting, you first create and schedule the meeting. When scheduling,…

Amy Hashimoto and Momo Wada Key to Friendship: Sisters with No Secrets

In honor of Friendship Day, Keiro will share a series of articles highlighting the many bonds Our Community members have with each other. From friendships formed in the community to…

Getting a Head Start on Advance Care Planning

Advanced care planning involves making decisions about our health care and long-term care preferences and sharing those with our family and medical team.

My Caregiving Journey – Caring for my Grandfather Tsutomu Maehara

Every time you left, my grandpa cared. He acknowledged you when you left his home, and he would acknowledge you when you came back. My grandfather’s simple gesture was so…

Me and Iyashi Care

Written by Jack Fujimoto When Keiro first talked about Iyashi Care, I initially dismissed it because iya could mean “dislike” and shi could mean “dying” in Japanese, which gave me…