Keiro Connect: Summer 2019

Staying Active and Being Prepared: Featuring the Volunteer Panel Discussion event, Carfit Program, What Iyashi Care provides, and more.

Keiro Connect: Spring 2019

Caring in Our Community : Featuring Keiro Caregiver Conference, Iyashi Care cases, Keiro superstar feature, and more.

Keiro Connect: Annual Winter 2019

Innovations in Aging: Featuring Keiro Conference, and various experts talking about innovations and aging.

Keiro Connect: Fall 2018

Talk about Transportation: Featuring Keiro no Hi Festival, and various ways to be creative with transportation.

Keiro Connect: Summer 2018

Caring for Caregivers: Reviewing Keiro’s Caregiver Conference, and more information on what we provide for caregivers.

Keiro Connect: Spring 2018

Studies show low levels of social interaction can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and can be TWICE as harmful as obesity.

Keiro Annual Publication: Fall 2017

“Aging” can be simply defined as the process of changes (physically, mentally, psychologically) that occur in your body with time in your adult years (we include “adult years” to separate out the maturation and growing process that occurs in children as they reach adulthood).

Genki Connections: July 2016

Hundreds Participate at Keiro‘s Genki Conference in Pasadena. “Our community, especially adult kids with aging parents, really needs to take advantage of Keiro programs like this…”

Genki Connections: June 2016

The mon (Japanese crest or emblem) or kamon (Japanese family crest) has great meaning to its holder. For Keiro, the enduring symbol of the connected three open umbrellas, represented Keiro’s umbrella of care approach—the continuum of care through the healthcare and service levels provided in the long-term care facilities.