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Iyashi Care team talking to a patient

What is Iyashi Care?

Iyashi Care offers palliative care for Japanese American and Japanese older adults with serious illnesses in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Iyashi Care uses a whole-person approach to health and an individual’s wellbeing. Learn More

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「癒しケア」は新しく革新的なプログラムで、ロサンゼルスとオレンジ郡の日本人や日系アメリカ人コミュニティーの為に、緩和ケアサービスを提供しています。 癒しケアは慢性病や衰弱を含む重い病に苦しむ方々の負担を和らげることを目的としています。 Learn More

body exercise video screenshot

Full Body Exercises for Seniors

This video for older adults teaches stretching techniques that will relieve pain, increase flexibility, increase mobility, and improve range of motion for everyday tasks. Learn More