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Keiro Leadership

Keiro is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of leaders from the business, medical, legal, and nonprofit communities. These board members, serving in a volunteer capacity, guide Keiro’s mission and strategy.


Keiro Board of Directors

  • Lynn Miyamoto, Esq., Board ChairLynn Miyamoto, Esq.,
    Board Chair
  • Ernest DoizakiErnest Doizaki
  • Jeff FolickJeff Folick
  • Kimiko FujitaKimiko Fujita
  • Gerald FukuiGerald Fukui
  • Thomas Iino, CPAThomas Iino, CPA
  • Claire Koga, MDClaire Koga, MD
  • Jack Kurihara, PharmDJack Kurihara, PharmD
  • Makoto Nakayama, PharmDMakoto Nakayama, PharmD
  • Lisa Sugimoto, EdDLisa Sugimoto, EdD
  • Dennis SuginoDennis Sugino
  • Leona Hiraoka, President & CEOLeona Hiraoka, President & CEO

Keiro Staff

Leona Hiraoka, President & Chief Executive Officer
Gene S. Kanamori, Vice President
Brad Fujikuni, Director of Finance & Administration
Irene Aguinaldo
Lydia Amoranto
Hiromi Aoyama
Heather Harada
Bryce Ikemura
Claire Imada
Makoto Kotani
Julie Naito
Mark Nakabayashi
John Nakaki
Kevin Onishi
Kerilyn Sato