Keiro Community Needs Survey 2023


Keiro is partnering with Vantage Research & Consulting Inc. to conduct a community-wide survey to assess the needs and preferences of Our Community. This is part of Keiro’s ongoing commitment to better understand the evolving needs of Our Community, as we look at the future of aging.

Keiro will collect contact information of interested participants between June and August 2023. Those who submit their names and email addresses will receive a request to fill out a 10-15 minute survey between August 1, 2023 to September 15, 2023.

“Keiro is committed to listening to Our Community and demonstrating our intent to act with integrity, transparency, and due diligence as stewards of our resources. We want to ensure that any future endeavors, including exploring a physical presence, will be financially viable, self-sustaining, and meet the evolving needs of older adults and caregivers in Our Community. This survey will be the next step in guiding our future direction.” – Beverly Ito, Keiro President & CEO

Survey Participant Criteria

Who should answer the survey? Anyone who is…

  • Part of the Japanese and Japanese American community AND
  • Residing or has a close loved one residing in Los Angeles, Orange, or Ventura Counties

How to Participate

We would like to ask community members who fit the above categories to:

  • Submit your name and email address on this page (Scroll down) by August 31, 2023. Any names submitted beyond this date will not receive the survey link.

For those who sign up:

  • You will receive an email with the survey link between August 1 and September 5. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and must be submitted by September 15, 2023. Any surveys submitted beyond this date will not be included in the survey results.

Survey sign up is closed now.

  • Paper surveys will be available upon request. Please contact 213.873.5700 or email [email protected]. The final date to request a paper survey will be July 28, 2023.
  • Keiro will be involved in collecting email addresses from community members on behalf of Vantage Research & Consulting, Inc. To help keep all of your responses confidential and anonymous, the survey results are being collected, analyzed, and reported by Vantage Research & Consulting Inc. Please note that for each email, you may submit only one survey response. 

For any questions, please contact [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Keiro conducting this survey now?

Since the sale of our former facilities in 2016, Keiro’s leadership has worked alongside professionals in the field of aging to assess and analyze trends in the senior living industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has notably impacted these trends. Keiro’s Board Chair Lynn Miyamoto and President & CEO Beverly Ito, are committed to continuing the ongoing process of understanding evolving community needs.

Will Keiro share the results of the survey?

Keiro has hired Vantage Research & Consulting Inc., to administer, collect, and analyze the results of this survey. Keiro plans on sharing the general findings of this survey with Our Community once available.

Will there be a Japanese version of the survey available?

Yes, we will have a Japanese survey available. You may request this when you go to When you receive the actual survey link, you will have the option to complete the survey in English or Japanese.

How can I participate in this survey?

You can participate in this survey by submitting your contact information at by August 31. You will gain access to the survey either in early August or September depending on when you submitted your contact information to Keiro.

Will Keiro act upon the results of the survey?

This survey is the latest opportunity for Keiro to listen to what Our Community values in aging services. The results of this survey will provide Keiro with additional direction on what types of sustainable services could provide the highest impact to Our Community.

I disagree with Keiro’s decision to sell the former facilities. Why should I answer the survey?

We respect all opinions surrounding the sale over seven years ago. However, this particular survey is focused on the current and future needs of Our Community, and what potential options are going forward. We would like to hear everyone’s opinions, including those who disagreed with the sale of the former facilities. 

Is Keiro going to build a nursing home facility?

Keiro is working with Vantage Research & Consulting Inc., to conduct this survey, with the intent of obtaining a comprehensive view of the different needs that exist in our community. This survey is the latest opportunity for Keiro to listen to what Our Community values in aging services. The results of this survey will provide Keiro with direction to explore what types of sustainable services could provide the highest impact to Our Community. Given the current industry trends and past studies, it is highly unlikely we will move forward with any type of nursing home facility at this time.

What will happen to Keiro’s community-based programs and services?

Throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, Keiro’s programs and partnerships are providing services that will continue to expand the capacity for older adults to age well and age wherever they call home. Keiro remains committed to serving the thousands of older adults and their families who are living at home and in their local communities.



KeiroはVantage Research & Consulting Inc.と提携し、コミュニティ全体を対象としたニーズや優先傾向のオンライン調査を実施します。このアンケート調査は、Keiroがコミュニティの変化し続けるニーズへの理解を深め、老齢化の将来を見据える為の継続している取り組みの一環です。


「Keiroは、所有するリソース・資産を責任もって管理するべく、私達のコミュニティの声に耳を傾け、誠実さ、透明性を持ち、細心の注意を払った(デューデリジェンス)行動を貫いていく所存です。常設拠点の可能性も含めて、将来の取り組みが、財務的に実行可能で、維持ができ、そして私たちコミュニティの高齢者と介護者の変化し続けるニーズを満たせるような確実なものにしたいと願っています。このアンケートは、将来の方向性を導くための更なる一歩になるものです。」ベバリー・イトウ(Beverly Ito)、Keiro代表兼 CEO



  • 日本人及び日系アメリカ人コミュニティの一員で、さらに
  • ロサンゼルス郡、オレンジ郡、またはベンチュラ郡にご自身または介護している方が居住している方



  • 2023年8月31日までに、このサイトから氏名とメールアドレスを提出していただきます。この日付以降に提出されたご連絡先にはアンケートリンクは届きません。ご参加いただけない旨ご了承ください。


  • 8月1日から9月5日の間にアンケートリンクが記載されたEmailが届きます。オンラインアンケートは約10-15分で完了します。回答の締切は2023年9月15日です。締め切り以降に提出されたアンケートは調査結果に含まれません。あらかじめご了承ください。


  • 紙媒体のアンケートをご希望の方は2023年7月28日までに213.873.5700までお電話をいただくか、[email protected]までメールにてご連絡ください。
  • Keiroは、Vantage Research & Consulting, Inc. に代わって、メールアドレスを収集します。匿名性が保たれるよう、実際のアンケートの収集、分析、レポートはVantage Research & Consulting, Inc.によって実施されます。各メールアドレスに対して、アンケートの回答は1回のみとさせていただきます。

ご質問は[email protected]までご連絡ください。



2016年に旧施設を売却して以来、Keiroのリーダーシップは、高齢化分野の専門家と共にシニア・リビング産業の動向を調査、分析して参りました。COVID-19の流行はこれらの傾向に顕著な影響を及ぼしました。Keiro の理事長リン・ミヤモト(Lynn Miyamoto)と代表兼CEOのベバリー・イトウ(Beverly Ito)は、変化し続けるコミュニティのニーズを理解する為に継続的なプロセスを推進しています。


Keiroは当アンケートの管理や回答の収集、および分析をVantage Research & Consulting Inc. に委託しています。Keiroは当アンケートの総体的な調査結果を受取り次第コミュニティと共有する予定です。










Keiroは、コミュニティ内の様々なニーズを包括的に把握することを目的とし、Vantage Research & Consulting Inc. の協力を得てこのアンケートを実施致します。当アンケートは、私たちのコミュニティが高齢者向けサービスにおいて何を重視しているかを伺う最新の機会となります。この調査は、どのようなタイプの維持可能なサービスが私達のコミュニティに最もインパクトを与えることができるのか、その方向性を定めるために活用されます。しかしながら現在の業界動向や過去の研究結果を踏まえると、現時点では介護施設の検討が前進する可能性は極めて低いとみられます。