In February 2024, Keiro shared the findings from its 2023 Community Needs Survey held last summer. This survey, which was part of Keiro’s ongoing commitment to understanding the evolving aging needs of Our Community, confirmed that the majority of community members want to age in place at home, unless they experience a decline in their physical or cognitive health or the loss of essential caregiver support. 

In its continuing efforts to strengthen the network of support for older adults and caregivers, the Keiro Board of Directors considered many factors, including previous community feedback, discussions with experts in the field of Alzheimer’s research and care, as well as monitoring trends in aging services.

On June 18, 2024, Keiro Board of Directors announced plans to engage with community members on its intent to develop small-scale residential models of care, commonly referred to as “board and care homes,” to support those affected by memory loss.

Keiro is excited to launch phase two of our plan to develop a financially viable, self-sustaining service that can impact Our Community. We invite community members to participate in a second summer of community-wide survey specifically focused on memory care services.

Additionally, Keiro will simultaneously conduct select focus groups virtually and in various community locations, extending an invitation to those who signed up for the 2023 Community Needs Survey. 

“Keiro is very excited to share this new component of our strategic vision with Our Community. While we remain steadfast in our commitment to focus on the overwhelming community preference to age at home, we recognize the importance of looking into supporting the needs of those who require additional care.” –  Keiro Board Chair Jack Kurihara.

 “Knowing that one in six persons age 65 and over will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and one in five will have other types of dementia, the need for advanced memory care services cannot be overlooked. Keiro is excited to take another step forward as we seize upon opportunities to develop financially viable, self-sustaining memory care services. We invite everyone to engage with Keiro this summer as we commit to our vision to strengthen Our Community’s infrastructure by supporting those with memory loss.” – Beverly Ito, Keiro President & CEO

Click here for the Memory Care Survey announcement (June 2024)
Click here for the survey result and focus group press release (February 2024)
Click here for the survey press release (June 2023)

Keiro Memory Care Survey

This online survey will focus on understanding enhanced memory care services and programs, in particular, memory care board and care models. The survey is open to all community members. You do not have to be experiencing memory loss or know someone with memory loss, to be able to participate in this survey. 

Please participate by clicking on the link below to the survey site. We ask that community members limit themselves to one response per person. Community members are eligible to participate in this Memory Care Survey if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Considers themselves a part of the Japanese American and Japanese community
  2. Is residing or has a close loved one living in Los Angeles, Orange, or Ventura counties. 

The survey will be available from Wednesday, June 18, 2024 through Monday, September 30, 2024.

Paper surveys will be available upon request. Please contact 213.873.5700 or email [email protected] for a request. The final date to request a paper survey will be September 1, 2024. All surveys must be received by September 30 to be considered. 

Flyer is available here.

Select Focus Groups

A separate invitation was sent to all the individuals who signed up for Keiro’s Community Needs Survey back in the summer of 2023. Individuals should have received an email regarding focus groups from [email protected]

Focus groups will be held in various parts of the community, asking similar questions to the memory care survey. For any questions, contact us at [email protected]

Survey Results from the 2023 Community Needs Survey

Last summer, Keiro collected contact information of interested participants between June and August 2023. Those who submitted their names and email addresses received a link from Vantage Research to fill out a 10-15 minute survey between August 1, 2023 and September 15, 2023. Results of this survey are available below. On February 29, 2024, Keiro announced the results of the survey in a one-page summary, available to all community members.

In the most recent publication, we had one typo in the survey results. The reason for people moving out of their homes due to decline in health should be 64%, not 68%. We apologize for the typo.

The correct versions can be viewed from below links:

The survey had a 52% completion rate from 1096 registered participants. 81.5% of the participants completed the survey in English. All statistical testing was conducted at a 90% confidence level. Social programs hosted at Japanese/Japanese American community centers (58%) and transportation services (58%) were the two most commonly chosen programs/services that survey respondents said would be helpful to navigate the aging journey.

A decline in health was the biggest trigger for moving to a senior residential facility. Out of all the considerations for choosing a facility, quality of care was the most important factor for 50% of the respondents compared to other factors such as amenities, cost of care, culturally sensitive care, and being near friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Keiro conducting this survey now?

Since the sale of our former facilities in 2016, Keiro’s leadership has worked alongside professionals in the field of aging to assess and analyze trends in the senior living industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has notably impacted these trends. Keiro’s Board Chair Jack Kurihara and President & CEO Beverly Ito, are committed to continuing the ongoing process of understanding evolving community needs. The survey will help to guide Keiro in the next step in our due diligence process by moving on to focus groups and feasibility studies to consider future options for aging programs and services to meet the needs of Our Community.

Will there be a Japanese version of the survey?

Yes, for Japanese language, please look at

What is Keiro doing with the results of the 2023 Community Needs Survey?

The 2023 community needs survey was an opportunity for Keiro to hear what Our Community values in aging services. The results of this survey provided Keiro with additional direction on what types of sustainable services could provide the highest impact on Our Community. This is one of many factors Keiro is considering as it develops plans to strengthen Our Community’s infrastructure to enhance the aging experience, especially for those with memory loss.

I disagree with Keiro’s decision to sell the former facilities. What’s in it for me?

We respect all opinions surrounding the sale in 2016. During our 60th Anniversary, Keiro acknowledged that we can always find ways to improve the way we listen to Our Community. This survey was one of many steps we have taken to reconnect with different organizations and individuals who did not agree with the sale. Everyone in our community, regardless of their opinions of the sale, will age, and Keiro will strive to be a central hub of resources throughout the aging and caregiving journey.

Is Keiro going to build a nursing home?

Given current industry trends, Keiro will not build, own, or operate a skilled nursing home at this time.

Is Keiro going to consider buying back the former facilities?

Given the current industry trends, Keiro will not consider buying back the former facilities at this time. 

What has Keiro been doing with the proceeds of the sale?

Since 2016, Keiro has continued to evolve its community-based programs to support older adults and their caregivers as they age wherever they call home. Keiro has facilitated Quality of Life classes to help older adults navigate their unique aging journeys, hosted Caregiver Conferences to bring resources to family caregivers, supported the efforts of local community organizations, churches and temples to provide meaningful social programs and meals to their constituents, and has increased the community’s accessibility to palliative care services through our Iyashi Care partnership with Providence and to mental health services for low income older adults through our partnership with Little Tokyo Service Center. Keiro also partnered with ESGVJCC to open ClubGenki, an adult day program in 2023 to offer a safe and supportive social program for older adults and lessen the daily challenges of caregiving.

What will happen to Keiro’s community-based programs and services?

Community-based programs and services will continue to be the cornerstone of Keiro’s mission. Throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, Keiro’s programs and partnerships are providing services that will continue to expand the capacity for older adults to age well and age with confidence, wherever they call home. Keiro remains committed to serving the 85,000 older adults and their families who are living at home and in their local communities.