LOS ANGELES, February 29, 2024 — Keiro announced the results of the community-wide survey on the community’s needs around aging. The one-page summary of the results is available to all community members. The results will help Keiro explore financially feasible and sustainable service models. Based on the results, Keiro will begin a series of focus groups in the summer of 2024 to further clarify the survey responses and options for providing advanced support throughout the aging and caregiver journey.

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“The survey not only allowed us to know the preferences and needs of older adults and caregivers in Our Community but also helped us reconnect with individuals and organizations that Keiro may have not connected with after the sale of our former facilities, as we saw 45% of survey respondents have not engaged with us in the last five years,” said Beverly Ito, Keiro President & CEO. “We look forward to continuing to explore a financially viable, self-sustaining program or service in the future through focus groups and feasibility studies throughout this year.”

Keiro’s next steps will be to conduct several focus groups to gain a better understanding of the needs and preferences of older adults living at home. The focus groups will be conducted in different locations within Keiro’s service areas of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties. Additional information on focus group participation will become available in late spring 2024 on Keiro’s website, Selection of focus group participants will be prioritized for those that signed up for the community needs survey and voluntarily agree to participate.

Survey Background and Results

In June of 2023, Keiro partnered with Vantage Research & Consulting Inc. to conduct a community-wide survey to assess the needs and preferences of older adults and caregivers in Our Community. This survey was part of Keiro’s ongoing commitment to better understand the evolving needs of Our Community, as we look at the future of aging. Keiro collected contact information of interested participants between June and August 2023 through extensive outreach efforts. Those who submitted their names and email addresses were requested to complete a 10-15 minute survey between August 1, 2023, and September 15, 2023. The survey was conducted in English and Japanese, with an option to request a mailed survey.

The survey had a 52% completion rate from 1096 registered participants. 81.5 % of the participants completed the survey in English. All statistical testing was conducted at a 90% confidence level. Social programs hosted at Japanese/Japanese American community centers (58%) and transportation services (58%) were the two most commonly-chosen programs/services that survey respondents said would be helpful to navigate the aging journey.

A decline in health was the biggest trigger for moving to a senior residential facility. Out of all the considerations for choosing a facility, quality of care was the most important factor for 50% of the respondents compared to other factors such as amenities, cost of care, culturally sensitive care, and being near friends.

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About Keiro

Founded in 1961, Keiro improves the quality of life for older adults and their caregivers in the Japanese American community of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties. Keiro provides a range of culturally-sensitive programs and resources, in both English and Japanese, to meet the evolving needs of our aging community. In everything we do, we advance our mission through a person-centered, innovative, and collaborative approach. To learn more, visit