Friendships within our community are strong, and close-knit. Whether you have been childhood friends, college friends, or even new friends, friendships help enhance our quality of life.

This Friendship Day, Keiro interviewed older adults in Our Community to talk about their relationship with one another. From high school friends living in San Fernando Valley, to new friends that bonded through Okinawa Association of America, these friendships have stood the test of time and a pandemic.

What has been the key to your friendships? What helps maintain your bond with your friends? Share your story at [email protected], and we may share in the future!

Read about Lonin Lew and Nancy Hombo’s Friendship
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Read about Liz Doomey, Michiko Tokunaga Kus, and Darlene Randle’s friendship
Read about Jack Fujimoto and Hank Iwamoto’s Friendship
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