Having a sense of purpose, or something we are passionate about, is an important element in having a good quality of life. Keiro asked older adults in Our Community to be our teachers, sharing their experiences and stories related to an activity they enjoy doing. These lessons are valuable to be shared and passed down regardless of the activity.

For the third episode of our Teach Me Series, we invited Tomoe Nimori to share one of her passions: repurposing calendars to make envelopes and bags.

Tomoe has been making crafts, such as these, for about ten years.

For this activity, Tomoe first walked us through her process for making a bag out of a calendar, starting with selecting the calendar pictures, folding, and then gluing. After the bag was completed, she taught us the steps for creating an envelope. Tomoe also shared some other projects she has worked on, such as a tote bag made out of scrap fabric and scarves she knits for women who live in shelters for the abused.

When asked how this activity contributes to her quality of life, Tomoe responded, “It adds a lot for me. What else would I do during the day? Sit around a twiddle my thumbs? It also keeps my mind sharp. Otherwise, I am 88-years-old, and as I get older, I definitely don’t want to develop dementia!”

Please stay tuned for future episodes with other older adult teachers!

Enjoy the video!

View this bonus clip for detailed instructions on creating an envelope out of calendar.

Full Instructions:
How to create a gift bag out of unused calendars
How to create an envelope out of unused calendars

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