Having a sense of purpose, or something we are passionate about is an important element in having a good quality of life. Keiro asked older adults in our community to be our teachers, sharing their experiences and stories related to an activity they enjoy doing. These lessons are valuable to be shared and passed down regardless of the activity.

For the very first episode of our Teach Me Series, we invited Ralph Ichikawa, a longtime community member, to share with us one of his passions: cooking.

Ralph walked us through how to make his very own mac potato salad. He shared with us stories about his mother’s mac potato salad recipe and how food connects him to his family, church friends, and more. He also mentioned how he likes to look at multiple recipes before cooking, like for one of his favorite dishes, cioppino.

Looking back at the filming experience, Ralph commented, “This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this [virtually teaching someone]. It was fun! I hope the audience picked up something, and even just add one or two of the ingredients I used and try it out.”

Please stay tuned for future episodes with other older adult teachers!

Enjoy the video!