Having a sense of purpose, or something we are passionate about, is an important element in having a good quality of life. Keiro asked older adults in Our Community to be our teachers, sharing their experiences and stories related to an activity they enjoy doing. These lessons are valuable to be shared and passed down regardless of the activity.

For the second episode of our Teach Me Series, we invited Sadao Dairiki, or Dai, a 95-year-old resident at Nikkei Senior Gardens, to share one of his passions: Lego building and 3-D modeling.

Dai has been enjoying this fun hobby for about four years.

His daughter has been buying these models for him to enjoy. For this activity, Dai walked us through how he begins a new Lego model and what his process is for building. He also shared with us other projects he has worked on such as a larger Star Wars Lego model and a wooden model train that took him three months to complete!

After the Lego helicopter was completed, Dai shared, “I enjoyed it! [building Legos] makes you wonder what else you can do.”

Please stay tuned for future episodes with other older adult teachers!

Enjoy the video!

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