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The Dangers of Feeling Lonely –Social Isolation as a Growing Epidemic

Across the nation, healthcare providers and organizations are growing concerned about social isolation among older adults. Based on current estimates from AARP, as many as 17% of older Americans aged…

Lillian's Parents

Lillian’s Caregiver Journey

Like many things in life, sudden changes can happen when we least expect it. For Lillian, almost 20 years ago, she never thought she’d find herself providing care for her…

Health Benefits of Volunteering

We all view retirement differently. Some envision retirement as a time to travel the world, others might possibly view retirement as a chance to make home improvements. Perhaps others view…

Staff Reflection: Caregiving across the ocean

-Hiromi Aoyama, Communications Analyst – Caregiving can take many different forms. With the Keiro Caregiver Conference just around the corner, I look back at my family’s long-distance caregiving experience, as…



Getting Past the Enryo

How can one phone call make a difference? Read about a caregiver who felt peace-of-mind after a 30 minute talk with one of our Iyashi Care physicians. Have you ever been to…



Mother & Daughter Volunteer Duo: Patsy & Erin Matsushita

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the help of volunteers to continue providing the best services possible. Patsy and Erin Matsushita are both pharmacists who volunteer with Keiro from time…

English Translation of Dr. Yanami’s article from the Annual Publication

From “shikata ga nai” treatment to the “best” treatment –The new Keiro-Providence Iyashi Care program-As the medical field advances and comes up with new treatments, many people live longer. In some ways,…

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In October, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness month because breast cancer is an increasing concern for Asian American women across the country. According to the American Cancer Society, the average risk…