From cheering in the bleachers at games and tournaments to giving words of encouragement, watching grandchildren pursue sports has been a treasured pastime for many grandparents. Keiro interviewed grandparents about the joys of supporting their grandchildren in playing sports.


grandma with granddaughter under a basketball hoop

Although Jan did not play growing up, sports have had a big part in connecting her family for as long as she can remember. Her oldest granddaughter, Avery, has taken on gymnastics and basketball. Jan goes to most of Avery’s basketball games and tournaments and, on occasion, has taken her to gymnastics practice, per Avery’s request. Jan commented that she enjoys watching Avery and her basketball team develop their skills over time. Still, she particularly loves to see her granddaughter become more confident, socialize, and learn how to be a part of a team. Jan added, “When we are at her games, she gets a little smile on her face. I am hoping that makes her happy and will motivate her.”

Watching Avery participate in these sports has motivated Jan to stay active as well. She shared, “It gives me purpose to get up every day and go out and exercise to stay healthy so that I can continue to support them.” Being a part of her grandkids’ lives, especially through sports, has brought Jan much joy and happiness, and she loves learning new things from her grandkids every day.

Regardless of age, the level of the grandchild’s experience, or how many sports they play, all three grandparents agreed that supporting their grandchildren and watching them grow has brought them great joy and purpose.