In honor of Keiro no Hi, we will host the second annual Fine Arts Showcase! We are inviting everyone in Our Community, age 60 and above, to create and express their talent through different forms of art. Submitted artwork will be displayed during the festival virtually.

The theme for this year’s Arts Showcase will be:

Oiwai – Celebration

Whether it is describing what you like to celebrate, who you celebrate with, or an art piece showing the spirit of celebration, express your creativity and imagination!

View the Fine Arts Showcase Flyer here:

How Do I Participate?

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 13, 2021

For everyone’s safety, we will collect all photos of art submissions via email this year. Please email with the following to complete your submission:

  1. A photo of just your artwork
  2. A photo of you with your artwork
  3. The title of your artwork
  4. A description and short story of your artwork
  5. Your contact information:
    • Full Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Date of Birth

Optional: If you’d like to send in a video, we are accepting a 10-15 second video of you sharing your art piece!

Note: Your name, age, artwork pictures, and its description/story will be included in our virtual gallery.

Submission Criteria

  • No size limitation
  • Samples of submissions include: painting, quilting, origami, photographs, needle point, and more! 
  • Artists must be at least 60 years or older. 
  • The art CANNOT be the same art as last year if you have previously participated in the Arts Showcase in 2020.
  • Make sure your submission is:
    • Family-friendly.
    • NOT flammable, toxic, or explosive.
    • NOT in digital format, such as a tablet or electronic picture frame.

Please note: Artwork that does not follow the above criteria will not be displayed.

For those who have any questions on the submission process or the criteria, please email or call 213.873.5718 and leave a message. We will follow up with details on receiving your artwork. 

View the 2020 “Quality of Life” Arts Showcase Gallery