日本の親のため、アメリカに住む自分のため「終活フェア」in ロサンゼルス「日本に資産がある」、「日本に年老いた親がいる」、「老後は日本を考えている」という方々へ最新情報をお届けするライトハウス主催・Keiro後援セミナーの第三弾が9月10日(日)に行われます。今回は、①お金について、②住まいと介護について、③旅立ちについて、の3部構成でお届けします。「終活フェア」についてはこちらをご覧ください。“The End of Life Care” in LA for You Living in the U.S. and Aging Parents in JapanPartnering with Lighthouse Magazine, Keiro supports Ninhonjin in Southern California to get timely and accurate information on aging and caregiving issues in Japan by sponsoring three seminars this year offered by Lighthouse. The third seminar, “The End of Life Fair”, will be held on 9/10/17, and it has three parts: 1) About Finances, 2) About Caregiving and Housing, and 3) About Departure. This seminar will benefit those who have aging parents in Japan or are aging here in the U.S. Click here for “The End of Life Fair”.