Wearable technology has the ability to change everyday devices such as watches, glasses, and even hearing aids into powerful tools to help us stay connected while also assisting with health maintenance and habit tracking. This technology offers the ability to take a more active role in monitoring your health to help impact positive lifestyle changes through the ability to track different aspects of health. The benefits of these types of technology are varied, but here are some ways that you can utilize wearable technology in your everyday life:

Positive Benefits of Utilizing Wearable Technology:

  1. Track activity levels through daily step-counting through smart watches or pedometers
  2. Set up medication reminders along with alarms on different devices
  3. Some devices assist with detection and alerts during falls (Apple Series 4 and newer)
  4. The Apple Watch Series 4 and newer has an electrocardiogram (ECG) that detects dangerously high or low heart rate and even irregular rhythms
  5. Review and track sleep habits to monitor duration and quality of sleep
  6. Self-manage your health through tracking heart rate, blood pressure, or glucose levels and monitor this over time
  7. Make it a fun competition and track improvements

The benefits of these types of technology are undeniable, but it will be important to be cautious with your security and privacy when using smart technology.

Here are some tips to be aware of when using wearable technology:

  1. Understand what data the apps or technology may collect
  2. Be aware of privacy policies surrounding device use
    1. If possible, choose stricter privacy settings that protect your information and limit who you share your information with
  3. Use a password to protect devices and connected accounts
  4. Accept updates and check for them often
    1. This can include security updates to ensure you have the latest protection
  5. Understand that wearable technology does not replace visits or check-ups with your doctor
  6. Keep track of your progress measured to help create good habits

Keiro Challenge:

Research a wearable technology device to help supplement your health maintenance. Look into the benefits and the safety tips to determine a fit for your needs.

For more information on Wearable Technology, read Keiro’s Fact Sheet here.