-Keiro Symposium 2020 Previews-

For the first time, this year’s Keiro Symposium is being held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The interactive Zoom webinar will provide attendees with innovative tools and up-to-date guidance to design a thorough plan on aging, all from the comfort of their homes.

Keiro’s goal is to share programming that will allow anyone in any stage of the aging process to have access to the latest and innovative options, ideas, and thoughts that will empower each individual to confidently shape their own future. We sat down with the speakers, who are leading experts in their fields, to give us a preview of what to expect and more.

Technology can empower anyone to stay connected and there are tools making it easier than ever.

KTLA-TV Channel 5 technology reporter Rich DeMuro shared how the pandemic helped people realize the need to stay connected. “The idea of being connected right now is more important than ever because we’re humans and we need to be connected. And figuring out the ways in doing is really important.” He added, “I think that by the end of my talk, you’ll realize that the benefits of being ahead of this stuff will really pay off in the future.”

He added that connecting with people does not have to involve an expensive or complicated solution, and what works for each person is different. From the familiar Zoom meetings to robots, to telehealth methods and apps, symposium attendees will get the latest on the various technology available and the pros and cons for these tools. He admitted that sometimes it can be overwhelming with what is out there, but this session will break it down and clear the air on how to leverage those tools.

With so much change taking place today, having the right answers on finances can help recent retirees and baby boomers establish their pocket books.

As the founder of Edelman Financial Engines, Ric Edelman is hoping to share his industry insight on some of the most popular questions and concerns older adults and boomers face at this very moment. Rather than just a straight presentation, Ric commented that his session will primarily be a question and answer conversation.

“The focus will obviously be on today’s economic environment between the election, COVID-19, and the market. All of those are huge issues, ranging from unemployment to what will happen to the stock market next.”

He stresses how important it is for boomers especially to plan for their future and retirement because he sees a trend of so many parents financially supporting their adult children. Whether it’s college planning for grandchildren, earning income after retirement, or estate planning, these life events have “profound implications for your ability to earn income and ability to achieve financial success.”

As we get closer to the winter months, staying mentally and physical healthy will be as critical as ever.

President of UCLA Health and CEO of UCLA Hospital and Clinic System, Johnese Spisso shared with us how attendees will get access to an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ll share the latest and greatest updates on testing, treatment, vaccines and the most up-to-date information on what the guidelines and options are. There’s new information coming out every day, and as a leading research institution we’re participating in those clinical trials.”

Some of the highlights from UCLA Health will also tackle the importance of accessing health care services and maintaining physical and mental health during this time.

Administrative Director for Emergency Preparedness and Security for the UCLA Health System William (Bill) Dunne shared that “many people have put off having preventative screening and health checks with their physicians as well as going into the hospital for procedures. And so, one of the things we want to stress is to ensure that people are maintaining their health. In very difficult times, we want to make sure people feel safe to do that and I think that will be one of the big highlights of the presentation.”

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