George Aratani, Edwin Hiroto, Kiyo Maruyama, Jim Mitsumori, Gongoro Nakamura, Frank Omatsu, Joseph Shinoda, and Fred Wada had a vision—to provide compassionate, quality care for the Issei pioneers. Their vision of bringing culturally-sensitive care to the Japanese American and Japanese community started with the purchase of the Japanese Hospital in 1961.

Over the next decade, Keiro grew to encompass City View Hospital, Keiro Nursing Home, and Minami Keiro Nursing Home. As the organization expanded, it went through many changes, eventually opening Keiro Retirement Home, Keiro Intermediate Care Facility, and South Bay Keiro Nursing Home. Throughout our history, Keiro was recognized as being a pioneer in the field—building the first culturally-sensitive long-term care facility for Japanese older adults; establishing one of the first special care units for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia; and opening adult day care centers. Additionally, Keiro was one of the first organizations in Our Community to focus on healthy aging, preventive care, and providing education to help older adults age at home. 

As both the community it served and the industry it was part of it evolved, Keiro also had to make the difficult decision to close some of its facilities and programs, including City View Hospital, Minami Keiro Nursing Home, and the adult day care centers.

In 2016, Keiro announced the sale of its four remaining facilities to Pacifica Companies. The sale followed years of thoughtful consideration and a difficult decision by Keiro’s Board of Directors. This was not only a controversial time for the organization but not the first time Keiro had to make a pivot in the way we deliver our mission, to enhance the quality of life for our older adults.

Today, Keiro remains a committed leader in the field of aging, continuing the founders’ legacy of quality, compassionate care through our current services including Iyashi Care, events, educational programs, and community partnerships. Reflecting on its six-decade-long history, Keiro continues to actively be in the community, learning, and working collaboratively to address the needs of older adults and their caregivers. Together, with our community partners, volunteers, and supporters, we are making strides to help older adults age confidently and in a manner and a place of their choosing.