Next month, Keiro and Providence’s Iyashi Care team will host a health fair at Keiro and Japanese American Cultural & Community Center’s (JACCC) Keiro no Hi Festival, helping older adults and their families with advance directives and providing pharmaceutical consultation. In addition to the health fair, this festival honoring and celebrating older adults will not only feature intergenerational activities and performances but also host a number of vendor resource booths as well.

Iyashi Care is a palliative care program for Japanese American and Japanese oder adults with serious illnesses. This partnership between Keiro and Providence Health & Services encompasses a team of doctors, nurses and social workers to help the older adult and their family navigate through the complex healthcare system as an additional support. The team works with your current doctors to improve the quality of life as you go through treatment.

Whether you have questions on the side effects of prescribed medications or how to fill out an advance directive, the Iyashi Care team can address these and other concerns.


Healthcare professionals have promoted advance directives for nearly 50 years, and yet only one third of adults in the U.S. have them. Many say navigating living wills and arranging healthcare proxies can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, arranging these directives can help medical decision-

making for family and friends by clarifying personal medical wishes during difficult circumstances.

Advance directives describe and outline the medical care someone would want if they were unable to make their own decisions. Documents such as a living will can spell out the types of life-sustaining treatment a person prefers, such as feedings tubes and ventilators. A healthcare proxy or power of attorney can name a person to make medical decisions if you are incapacitated.

The Advance Directives table at Keiro no Hi festival can help with the following:

  • Clarify and explain documents and forms relating to advance directives
  • Assist those looking to sign immediately (Notaries will be present)
  • Provide Japanese forms and translations upon request

The Iyashi Care team encourages attendees to invite family members or close friends to participate in conversations at the advance directive table.

To learn more, please see Keiro’s Fact Sheet on pre-planning and how to begin the process.


Approximately 40% of older adults take at least five different kinds of drugs and up to half do not take drugs as directed by their doctors. Researchers have also found that polypharmacy, the simultaneous use of multiple drugs, doubled from two to four prescription medications per patient over the past 20 years. For so many older adults, just understanding the risk and benefits of each drug taken can be overwhelming, so having to understand the drugs’ reactions to each other on top of this can be incredibly difficult.

Healthcare professionals also found that older adults are twice as susceptible to drug side effects as younger people. Those side effects are often more severe, resulting in emergency care and poor quality of life. Age-related changes can sometimes be prevented with better consultation and assistance.

The pharmacist table at Keiro no Hi Festival can help with following:

  • Addressing specific concerns or questions related to your medications
  • Better understanding drugs and the risks or benefits associated with them
  • Clarification of side effects and instructions

No reservations are required and walk-ins are welcomed. Interested parties are encouraged to bring a list of current drugs you are taking, but please do not bring your medication to the festival.

Together with JACCC, Keiro no Hi will celebrate our community’s older adults. With innovative programs designed for older adults, the festival will give the community a chance to enjoy live performances, workshops, and activities.

Complimentary transportation from a number of locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties will be available. A free bento will be made available for older adults attending on a first come, first served basis with prior registration. The festival is free to the public and open to all generations. For details, go to