Iyashi Care has served over 200 patients since the beginning of the program, delivering culturally-sensitive palliative care to Japanese American and Japanese older adults. This partnership program between Keiro and Providence Health & Services provides the patient and their family with an additional team of doctors, nurses, and social workers that helps them navigate through their illness within a complex health care system. Iyashi Care is an outpatient program, meaning that care is provided without needing to be admitted to a hospital. An additional benefit is having remote access to the team, allowing for follow-up visits in the comfort of your home.  In this way, Iyashi Care provides a uniquely personalized approach to each patient and family’s situation wherever they call home.

Published 3/27/2020

How is Iyashi Care affected by COVID-19?

COVID-19 is impacting everybody and is changing the way Keiro delivers programs to Our Community. However, Iyashi Care continues to provide support to both existing and new patients and their family members.

Is there anything different about the delivery of the different Iyashi Care services?

The team is conducting more appointments through virtual and telehealth methods. This can include a video call or a phone call, allowing the patients, their families, and the team members to practice physical distancing, while still maintaining a high quality of care.

Kanako Fukuyama, MSW, ASW

Patients still have the option of in-person appointments. However, patients must undergo special screening prior to the appointment for the safety of the Iyashi Care team. In addition, each Iyashi Care team member undergoes a daily survey that includes screenings for fever, coughing, and shortness of breath that helps to protect the patient.

If I am a current Iyashi Care patient, what can I expect?

The Iyashi Care team will continue to provide the highest quality of care to all currently enrolled patients. The team will continue to work with you to ensure your goals of care are being met, and they are available if your conditions change. Please contact the team regarding scheduling an in-person or virtual meeting.

Does Iyashi Care provide any COVID-19-related services?

At this time, we do not provide any testing or special treatments for COVID-19. If you are experiencing symptoms as laid out by the CDC, please call your primary care physician.

How does COVID-19 impact prospective and new Iyashi Care patients?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now two ways in which you can inquire about Iyashi Care:

  1. Please fill out this online Form, and a Keiro staff member will contact you to learn more about your specific situation and answer any questions.
  2. Please call the Iyashi Care call line (213.873.5791) and leave a message. A Keiro staff member will return your call within 1-2 business days.

What Iyashi Care services can patients access at this time?

  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Assistance with management of complex and changing symptoms
  • Virtual conversations with the team including the doctor, social workers, and nurse
  • Coordination with your current medical team
  • Help with modifying your care plan based on your changing needs and crisis situations
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Referrals to hospice, if needed
  • Assistance with advance planning, including advance directive and POLST forms
  • Japanese-language/bilingual support if needed
  • Additional opinions from the team

Who should call or inquire about Iyashi Care services?

If you or a loved one have life-limiting symptoms or a diagnosis of a serious health condition and access to an additional team of professionals is something that you may benefit from, you should consider calling for either yourself or your loved one.

Iyashi Care is a uniquely personalized approach to providing both care for yourself and support for the family as well.

This program provides the extra layer of support that encompasses the full care team that involves not only the patient, but brings together loved ones to help coordinate care, facilitate conversations, and ensure that the patient and their families are supported.

As a program, there is no commitment required by the patient or family members and access to the services is completely up to the patient and their family. If you or a loved one can benefit from this extra layer of support, please fill out the form or call and leave us a message on the Iyashi Care line 213.873.5791.