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10 Tips and Tricks for Safe Holiday Shopping

The holidays are a fun time full of family gatherings, food, and gift exchanges. Shopping can be both exciting and chaotic during the holidays, so here are some tips that may help during the busy season:

  1. Make a list.
    • Put together a shopping list on the Notes app on your phone, or ask Alexa/Google Home to make a list for you. Making a list ensures that you do not forget anything and avoids a second trip to the store. Sticking to the list also minimizes impulse purchases and overspending (Healthy Eating for Seniors on a Budget, 2018).
  2. Beware of scams.
  3. Trust the familiar.
    • Use trusted retailers you are familiar with while shopping online. Visit the websites of stores you already shop at. Check to see that there are customer reviews and contact details to determine if the website is legitimate (Safer Holiday Shopping: Tips for Seniors, 2018). 
  4. Use coupons.  
    • Google discounts, promotional codes, and sales for your favorite stores. When valid coupons are available, check the fine print for the discount code. You can take pictures of the coupons/barcodes and pull them up on your phones at the store (Safer Holiday Shopping: Tips for Seniors, 2018).
  5. Protect your personal information.
    • Do not provide more information than is required. Avoid using public Wi-Fi at locations like coffee shops to make purchases as well. These freely available Wi-Fi connections are not secure, so refrain from making purchases. (15 Tips for Safe Holiday Online Shopping, 2018).
  6. Use alternate transportation.
  7. Choose your shopping trips wisely.
    • Visit stores and malls during weekday mornings when they are less crowded. Avoid shopping on days right before or after a big holiday. Bring a small cart with you to help you carry all of your purchases (Holiday Shopping Tips for Seniors, 2012).
  8. Use the buddy system.
  9. Understand different payment methods.
    • Check to make sure that the store you purchase at accepts the payment method of your preference. Consider newer payment methods on your mobile phone such as Venmo and Apple Pay as well. These types of payments are handy because it speeds up the transaction process and provides you with a digital copy of the receipt.
  10. Check your accounts.
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