With the Keiro Symposium just around the corner, we asked our morning keynote speaker, Dr. Candice Hall, about functional medicine and what we should expect from her presentation on Oct. 5, 2019.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is an area of medicine that focuses on extensive testing of the patient to uncover the cause of disease, which then allows us to customize care to the individual and attempt to reverse the disease process.

In functional medicine we look deeper into what factors led to disease. For example, we now know that certain foods you eat may cause an immune reaction, which results in increased blood sugar. We know the air pollution and toxicity from the environment and our food can cause metabolic dysfunction. We know genetics and reduced ability to detoxify the body efficiently play a role in developing disease. Subclinical infections and inflammation can be at the root of illness. These problems can all be found through proper testing, and addressed in an individualized treatment plan.

How is functional medicine different from more common types of medicine?

Certainly there are times when drugs and surgery may be necessary, but we also recognize that the vast majority of chronic and degenerative diseases cannot be effectively treated with traditional medicine. Hence, our focus is on using integrative, functional medicine to target the underlying causes of symptoms and provide lasting pain relief.

At Next Advanced Medicine, we shift the focus of healthcare from the disease to the patient. That means we devote considerable time and attention to learning about the underlying causes of your symptoms, instead of simply managing the symptoms themselves. We provide a customized program for each individual patient based on extensive testing. Our goal is to find the source of the problem and provide lasting wellness through personalized healthcare solutions and achievable lifestyle changes.

I lead an interdisciplinary team of medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, and nutrition scientists to create an individualized care plan for each of their patients. The focus is on treating the whole patient; they consider the complex genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that affect disease progression and treatment. Using a truly individualized approach, Next Advanced Medicine has reversed diabetes, thyroid disease and cognitive decline in hundreds of patients, who have walked away from their disease and their prescription medications.

Please briefly share how you came to practice functional medicine.

My passion for functional medicine comes from my personal success battling and overcoming three autoimmune diseases. Functional medicine was the reason I went into remission and it literally saved my life.  This is the reason I am inspired to bring hope and solutions to others.

What should the participants expect from your presentation?

The presentation will include topics such as:
-Why the prevalence of Alzheimer’s is on a steep rise
-How to recognize the early warning signs of cognitive decline/Alzheimer’s disease
-Stages of Alzheimer’s disease
-What is causing Alzheimer’s disease?
-The social infection: denial and late diagnoses 

No two cases of Alzheimer’s disease are exactly alike, with every individual possessing a unique combination of mechanisms that are driving their experience. Because the idea of a single cookie-cutter solution to combat this growing affliction is obsolete, we need to address multiple mechanisms at the same time. Finding the multiple assaults causing the brain to degenerate, and finding them early enough to do something about it, is essential if we are going to change the trajectory of this escalating disease. 

Morning Keynote: A Functional Medicine Approach to Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer’s DiseaseCandice Hall, DC, Next Advanced Medicine
Learn about functional medicine’s approach to cognitive decline and early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, including some of the latest research and science behind it.