This article is from the Keiro staff to all our moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles, and older adults in our lives who fall under the “high risk” population. We are concerned about you and want you to stay at home as we weather this COVID-19 storm together! 

(Published 4/1/2020)

Dear [Mom], 

In this crazy time, I really need you to stay at home and look out for yourself. I am worried about you–and your safety–and I would really appreciate it if you just stayed at home so I don’t have to worry about you. Today, I spent my day stressing about my job, my kids, paying bills, my health, and stressing about the impact of COVID19 on our society. With all of that on my mind, I am also deeply worried about you and your safety! I am worried when you go out each time… that you are putting yourself at risk, or others at risk, without even knowing. I am worried that you are going to tragically become the next statistic I hear on the news.

[Mom], I know you’re not “old,” I know you’re “healthy,” and I know you don’t consider yourself “vulnerable,” but this virus doesn’t know that. This virus is making it especially scary for people like you that are over the age of 60. People like you, who are living with diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory illnesses, heart disease or other health issues, are especially at risk for this virus. I’m worried about you, because this isn’t just our “typical flu season,” this is much worse and scarier. 

I am also worried that “younger” people are not as concerned because they believe they are at less risk, but they aren’t thinking about people like you. They could unwittingly spread this severe virus to you or others when they show no symptoms, and that’s what scares me the most and keeps me up at night! 

To put things in perspective, do you remember when I was 16, and really wanted to go to that party? I remember you didn’t let me go because there was under-age drinking, but I snuck out and went anyway. Remember how mad you were that you spent all night worrying about me, waiting for me to come home? I remember how worried and angry you were, and how guilty it made me feel after. I remember that you said that you trusted me, but it was other people at that party you didn’t trust. That is me today. I am sitting on the sofa, worrying about you and hoping that you are keeping yourself safe.

So [Mom], I am only writing this to you because I love you, I worry about you, and I care about you. Please be safe during this uncertain time. Please stay home. Please wash your hands regularly. Please call me, even just to talk, and let me help you pick up groceries. Please take care of yourself, for me. 

With love, 

Your [son/daughter]