Having a purpose — something that brings you meaning and joy — is one of the key elements to a good quality of life. A bucket list may be one way to help you visualize what your aspirations are and how those align with your personal values. Keiro anonymously asked community members, “What is one thing you would like to do before you pass away?” We received many common, as well as unique, responses. Interestingly, some participants responded that they did not have a bucket list, because they had accomplished everything they wanted in life. 

Here are a few of the responses we received:

Top 3 Most Common Bucket List Items

1. Travel to Japan / Travel
2. Learn to play an instrument / Play music with family
3. Go skydiving
nisei week court talking to a woman
3 pieces of paper that read "What's on your bucket list" and people's responses
two girls holding buckets that say "bucket list"

Additional Responses

  • Become a solid 4.5-5.0 level pickleball player
  • 日系人の歴史を通じて、学んだことを一つでも多く次世代に伝えたい。
    • I want to share what I learned from Japanese American history to as many future generations as possible.
  • Go back to work
  • 家族、友人、知人に感謝を伝えたいです。
    • I want to express gratitude to my family, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Go on a tour of far east Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Taiwan
  • Live in a different state
  • もう一度できたら主人と二人で日本に帰りたいと思います(90歳)
    • If it comes true, I’d like to go back to Japan with my husband one last time – 90 years old
  • Trip to see Aurora Borealis!
  • 息子の結婚式に参加する
    • Attend my son’s wedding
  • I’d like to talk English freely
  • Go back to Yosemite for hiking
  • 50の日本の歌を英語で歌う
    • Sing 50 Japanese songs in English
  • Go visit Alaska and see lots of wild life
  • Enjoy my time with grandson
  • オーガスタ・ナショナルでゴルフする
    • Play golf at Augusta National [Golf Club]
  • To study the Japanese language and be able to speak at a first grade level
  • Fly to outer space!
  • 元気で過ごす
    • To live a genki life every day
  • Be healthy!
  • I’d like to talk English freely
  • 別にない!しいて言ううならクルーザー世界一周
    • None! But if I had to say one, a cruise around the world.
  • Go to Japan one more time and visit my family grave in Hiroshima
  • 動物の(犬・猫)愛護
    • To protect and save animals – dogs/cats
  • Run a marathon
  • Make a meaningful friendship with people who lives near my home