For 60 years, the name Keiro (“respect for our elders”) has reflected the values of the Japanese American and Japanese community and our commitment to enhance the quality of senior life in Our Community. In 1961, eight community leaders – George Aratani, Edwin Hiroto, Kiyo Maruyama, James Mitsumori, Gongoro Nakamura, Frank Omatsu, Joseph Shinoda, and Fred Wada – established Keiro to provide compassionate, quality health care in a culturally-sensitive environment for the Issei (first generation) pioneers.

Thanks to many personal sacrifices, generous donations, and hours of volunteerism, Keiro began its steady growth of services and continues evolving to meet the changing needs of our community.

Beginning with the Japanese hospital, Keiro’s history is rich with innovative services for its time, eventually including nursing homes, a retirement home, intermediate care, memory care, and adult day care.

After many years of thoughtful consideration, the Keiro board made the difficult decision to shift the central pillar of our work from facility-based care to looking at the larger and diverse needs of our community’s older adults. On February 8, 2016, Keiro and Pacifica announced the close of escrow of Keiro’s four senior health care facilities (Keiro Nursing Home, South Bay Keiro Nursing Home, Keiro Intermediate Care Facility, and Keiro Retirement Home) to Pacifica Companies, LLC.

Although our service delivery method has changed, Keiro’s mission remains the same: to enhance the quality of senior life in Our Community. Keiro remains committed to serving the Japanese American and Japanese older adults and their caregivers in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, as we provide programs and services to meet their evolving needs.

In 2021, Keiro celebrated its 60th Anniversary. Click here to watch our 60th Anniversary Celebration program and read articles looking back at these 60 years.