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Obon Festival Tip Sheet

For many in the Japanese American and Japanese communities, the summer months are synonymous with obon festivals. It is a time to enjoy great food, participate in obon dancing, and…

satoko and the painting

Keiro Superstar: Satoko Yamamura

Never Too Late for a New Passion Satoko Yamamura is a 90-year-old accomplished painter who spends two to three hours a day on her work. Years of practice have helped…

Hiromi smiling

Keiro Superstar: Hiromi Nishimura

Being 103 Years Old: A Life of Laughter and Smiles Hiromi Nishimura can tell you a lot about canning salmon and hunting for mushrooms. He lived through the Great Depression…

Keiro Connect: Making Lifestyle Changes, Grants Cycle Announcement, and more!

Lifestyle Changes: From Two Cars to One

In the summer of 2018, Hiroshi Matsushita had a conversation that would eventually spark a change in his lifestyle. His daughter had recently purchased a new car with driver assistance…

Keiro Connect: Caregiver Contest and Works to Reduce Isolation

Caregiver contest, reducing social isolation in our community, and more!

Keiro Connect: An Iyashi Care Story

Read about David Ito’s Iyashi Care Story.

driver buckling the seatbelt

Helping Senior Drivers Stay Safe

Like a well fit shoe made specifically for a particular sport or activity, there are products and techniques that can help older drivers with safer driving performance.

caregiver assisting older adult with laptop

Recent and Future Medical Advances and Innovations in Health, Well-being and Health Care Delivery

Dr. Yoshikawa explains many (but not all) of the new developments and advances in health and healthcare systems that are currently available or will be soon become part of our standard or benchmark of quality healthcare.

Older adult using smarthome tech with other family members

The Latest Technologies to Support Older Adults

Written By: Aaron Hageorn, MHA/MSG, PhD 85% of Older Adults Own a Cell Phone Technology is a major part of our lives, allowing us to be busier than ever, multitasking…