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Due to COVID-19, Keiro has decided to transition all of our scheduled in-person events in 2020 to alternative formats. Read full statement here.



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Cold, Flu, and COVID-19

After spending over half of 2020 staying at home due to COVID-19, flu season is just around the corner. Influenza, or flu, season reaches its peak during the winter months,…

Keiro Connect: Why Prepare for the Future? Make Sure to Sign up for Keiro Symposium!

Register to attend our free symposium, and take a look at our newest series on caregiving as well!


Bridging Hearts, Distances, and Generations With Kokoro no Hashi

On the afternoon of August 13th, 2020, an enthusiastic virtual audience experienced music, dance, and magic during the inaugural run of Kokoro no Hashi, a program showcasing the diverse talents…

Stress Management During COVID-19

Stress can be displayed in different ways such as fear, anxiety, or anger. These are all normal emotions to be feeling at this time. Older adults and those with underlying…

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Tips on Hosting Zoom Meetings

Follow these tips to learn how to prepare for and host a Zoom meeting. Plan Ahead Before hosting a Zoom meeting, you first create and schedule the meeting. When scheduling,…

Keiro Connect: Fall Events and Mindfulness

Be sure to sign up for our fall events and watch our latest guided imagery video!


Keiro Connect: As a Past, Present, or Future Caregiver I…

Amy Hashimoto and Momo Wada Key to Friendship: Sisters with No Secrets

In honor of Friendship Day, Keiro will share a series of articles highlighting the many bonds Our Community members have with each other. From friendships formed in the community to…

Keiro Connect: Key to Friendship

Dear Keiro, How Do I Say No?

Dear Keiro,Some of my friends are inviting me to go out and gather. My friend from church whom I haven’t seen since the beginning of the pandemic is inviting me…