Latest Past Events

Overview of Cancer and Japanese Americans

Join us to learn about cancer and the most common cancers for Japanese Americans. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of cancer and how ethnicity and age may affect one getting it, how to prevent cancer, and why cancer screenings are important to catch cancer early.

Emergency Preparedness

Join us for this virtual forum as we scrape the surface on emergency preparedness including scenario-based discussions, checklists for all age groups, and go-bags/containers. Attendees will walk away from this forum with a better understanding of what they will need at home in the event of a catastrophic event and more importantly, how to start […]

Conversation Kitchen

Conversation Kitchen is a cooking webinar where participants can engage in different conversations about food. This webinar will be hosted by a Keiro staff member who will be making Eggplant Donburi and will participate in group conversations with attendees. Eggplant Donburi Recipe