Is it Time to Revisit My Estate Plan?

From topics such as asset protection and online estate planning tools to thedigitization of your estate planning documents, the landscape for estate planning isdifferent today than it was 10 years ago. Estate Planning attorney Staci Toji willbreak down the current trends in estate planning to help you protect your legacy.

Osechi Made Easy: New Year’s Dishes for Family

Do you celebrate the New Year with any traditional family dishes? Traditional Japanese New Year food dishes, called Osechi, can be found in many Japanese and Japanese American homes in stackable boxes called jubako. Join us to learn about traditional Osechi dishes and explore preparing simple recipes for small families utilizing local resources.

Holiday Confections and Conversations

What are your holiday traditions and favorite holiday treats? What have your holiday get-togethers looked like in the past and how have they changed since the pandemic? Share your thoughts and hear from others as we discuss what connection means to us during the holiday season while making a simple, festive treat together in this […]

Downsizing and Making Educated Real Estate Choices as You Age

People choose to downsize for various reasons, such as seeking a more manageable living space, being closer to family, and possible financial benefits. Finding the right space for your current needs is a personal journey, but it does not have to be done alone! Join this class to explore the motivations behind downsizing, uncover its […]

Long-Term Care 101

Having a sense of autonomy in choosing one’s long-term care service is instrumental for a good quality of life, but finding the right fit can be a potentially challenging and […]

Calming Your Worried Mind

We all experience anxiety and stress, but at times these feelings may interfere with our day to day activities. Join this class to learn techniques on how to manage these […]