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Older adult woman wearing a flower lei around her neck.

Grants Highlights: Go For Broke National Education Center

The Japanese American community has a lot to be proud of. In particular, the years during World War II forced our community to unite and band together to fight against oppression, against foreign enemies, and against prejudice. Despite oppression and unjust internment …

Older adults at a table

Grants Highlights: Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center

On a warm Wednesday afternoon, tucked away in an industrial part of Long Beach, faint murmurings can be heard from outside the open doors of the Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center (LBJCC). Inside the long, wood-paneled social hall …

Older adults sitting together at a table

Grants Highlights: Faith United Methodist Church

The parking lot of Faith United Methodist Church (FUMC) is filled with cars. At first, it may seem as if the entire congregation has convened for a Sunday morning service but today is neither Sunday, nor is there a service being held. It’s a bright Tuesday afternoon and the halls of the church are…

Prepared bento boxes

Grants Highlights: Orange County Buddhist Church

Bright and early on Monday mornings, most folks are sitting in traffic as they head off to work. On this particular Monday, volunteers at Orange County Buddhist Church (OCBC) begin…

Grants Highlights: Los Angeles Holiness Church

Grants Highlights: Los Angeles Holiness Church – Caregiver Support Group

In a small room at the back of Los Angeles Holiness Church, a group of caregivers gather for a meeting. Most of the congregation makes their way out of the church as they go about their Sunday afternoon, but this group stays behind to break bread, fellowship, and talk.

Older woman holding her homemade lantern

Grants Highlights: East San Gabriel Japanese Community Center – Senior Wellness Program

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, Japanese American and Japanese older adults gather at the East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center (ESGVJCC). When they arrive, the older adults make their way into the facility’s social hall and sit together at long, white tables anticipating the day’s activities that await them.

Older adult woman playing the ukulele

Grants Highlights: Japanese American Cultural and Community Center – Ukes For Little Tokyo

At the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC), Chester Ikei teaches older adults how to play the ukulele as a way to bring them together and reduce some of the challenges of aging. The free class supported by Keiro Grant funding, called Ukuleles for Little Tokyo (U4LT), began in September 2016 and has seen interest grow with every class. Now boasting a class size of about 30 students, Mr. Ikei and the JACCC encourage these older adults to learn how to play and sing classic Japanese songs – the kind they listened to in their youth.

Grants Program Workshop

Grants Program Highlights

In April 2017, Keiro announced the recipients of the Grants Program and invested over $900,000 distributed among 44 local community organizations that pledged to purpose the funding in the pursuit of advancing Keiro’s mission: to enhance the quality of senior life in Our Community.