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Tradition of Care – A Partnership Between Keiro and the Community
South Bay Keiro Nursing Home Resident with Family at the Fall Picnic.

Since 1961, Keiro’s Living Treasures – its founders, volunteers, residents, and staff – have served as a proud testimony of our community banding together to enhance the quality of life for our seniors. As our community evolves, Keiro staff members continue to serve as an extension of family by providing personalized care and resources to seniors, their families, caregivers, baby boomers, and all who are interested in engaging with life.

Keiro is an extension of family.
Keiro encourages families to be involved in the care of their loved ones by visiting the facilities, becoming familiar with the staff and volunteers, and providing input into the care planning process. Family members and close friends can provide valuable insight that will enhance the facility staff’s understanding of the individual needs and preferences of the resident.

Caregiving as a “team” is the most effective way to enhance the quality of care.
This is the best way to ensure that needs and wishes of family members/residents are clearly communicated and strengthens the partnership with staff.

Family members trust Keiro.
“The willingness of a consumer to recommend a facility to others is generally considered the best single indicator of consumer satisfaction.” - 2007 National Survey of Consumer and Workforce Satisfaction in Nursing Homes.
According to our annual customer satisfaction survey conducted in late summer 2008, 100% of Keiro’s family members who responded said that they would refer others to Keiro’s nursing facilities, including Keiro Nursing Home, South Bay Keiro Nursing Home and Keiro Intermediate Care Facility.

Rating systems are one tool in finding a quality nursing home.
Various rating systems have been devised to summarize the performance of nursing homes, including letter grades, stars, or points.

While no one rating system may accurately reflect the true quality of care provided by the nursing home, the ratings can provide a starting point for those searching for nursing home placement.

Visiting a nursing home is often the most useful guide in selecting appropriate placement.

Nursing homes that receive star ratings must still meet minimum standards of care to be eligible to participate in government-funded healthcare programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid (Medi-Cal). Even one-star facilities meet Medicare’s minimum requirements.

In an L.A. Times article on January 19, 2009, resident advocates warn that ratings may penalize well-run nursing homes, citing the well-respected Jewish Home of San Francisco as an example of a facility that was graded lower because the 5-star rating system did not take into account that some nursing homes care for critically ill residents.

Keiro’s records are publically accessible.
Keiro has always posted a copy of its most recent licensing survey in the lobby of each facility and is available to answer any questions.

Keiro is here to help.
Keiro provides a full continuum of care ranging from independent, assisted living, intermediate, skilled nursing and rehabilitation care at its four care facilities, as well as information and resources for caregivers in the community through The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro.

Keiro has links to checklists Nursing Home ChecklistNursing Home Companion, and  Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist and resources on our website,  www.keiro.org, to help you select a nursing home, understand caregiving options, and learn about health conditions that may affect you or your loved one.
 For more information, please contact Beverly Ito, Keiro’s chief compliance officer at bito@keiro.org or (323) 980-7530.


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