Three Core Program Areas

The Board has identified three core program areas:

  1. Services to Older Adults

One quarter of all Japanese American adults are 65+. This is twice the number of 65+ adults in the general population. The proportion of older adults in Our Community is increasing at an accelerated pace and Japanese American and Japanese older adults in the region are living longer.

Keiro seeks to support Japanese American and Japanese older adults to age with confidence by equipping them with knowledge, resources, and assistance, so they can effectively manage their lives and wellbeing wherever they call home. Keiro will work cooperatively with community partners and agencies in order to:

  • Improve the health and circumstances of older adults through the holistic lens of Genki Living® principles
  • Support older adults who desire to live independently as long as they are able to do so safely
  • Foster a sense of community among Japanese American and Japanese older adults to reduce isolation
  • Educate older adults and their families to make informed decisions and thoughtful plans including regarding end of life issues
  1. Support of Caregivers

Today, almost 1 in 3 Japanese Americans is a caregiver. There are close to 57,000 Japanese American and Japanese caregivers in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties.  Two-thirds are women and most are family members.

Caregiver demands and burdens are increasing as people are living longer and are choosing to live at home, rather than institutional settings.   Caregivers often face tremendous and unrelenting stress and burdens associated with their roles as caregivers, and for many, the demands increase over time and there is little respite.

Keiro looks forward to continuing and expanding our work with fellow service providers, local agencies, and community centers to enhance the support systems of caregivers including addressing the physical, psychological, and financial burdens of caregiving.  We want to help foster a sufficient pipeline of well-trained caregivers, both professional and informal, who are able to provide in-home, culturally sensitive, and appropriate care along a continuum of needs.

  1. Programs for Residents of Keiro’s Former Facilities

Keiro remains committed to the residents of its former facilities.  The third core program area focuses on providing support, resources, and programming to complement that provided by the current owners and operators.  The goal is to ensure continued culturally sensitive programs.  As a first step, Keiro will continue managing the volunteer program at the four facilities, working closely with the residents, facilities management, and community organizations

Each of the three program areas will be centered in Genki Living principles and will be guided by well-defined goals, measurable outcomes and impact, and objectives that are based on community input.

It “takes a community ” to care for an older adult.  According to the 4th International Conference on Health Wellness and Society, March 2014, “in addition to the familial support, community partnerships are imperative for the sustaining of older adults in their respective homes…It takes the collaboration of multiple well woven community resources to meet the needs of older adults who are aging well in place despite (chronic) conditions.”

As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”