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K e i r o ®が助成金制度の2017年度サイクルを開始: 私たちのコミュニティの高齢者の支援範囲とインパクトを拡大2017 - May
Keiro® Launches 2017 Grants Program Cycle: Expanding Its Reach and Impact on Older Adults in Our Community2017 - May
K e i r o ®の助成金制度が コミュニティー内の高齢者対象プログラムのインパクトを強化2017 - Apr
Keiro Announces Inaugural Grants Program Recipients2017 - Apr
Keiroが新リーダーの就任を発表2017 - Jan
Keiro Announces New Leadership2017 - Jan
敬老とOCJAAが共同で試験的プロジェクトを開始:日本語でのサービス2016 - Sep
Keiro® and OCJAA Launch Pilot Project to Support Japanese Speakers2016 - Sep
敬老® は新たな助成金制度を開始: 日系米国人・日本人の高齢者への支援とその範囲を拡大2016 - Sep
Keiro® Launches New Grants Program: Expanding Its Reach and Support of Japanese American and Japanese Older Adults2016 - Aug
Past, Present and Future of Keiro2016 - Jul
敬老の過去、現在、将来2016 - Jul
Noted Geriatrics Physician to Speak on Diabetes in the Japanese American Community2016 - Jul
Shawn Miyake to Retire from Keiro Following 22 Years of Service2016 - Jun
Hundreds Participate at Keiro’s Genki Conference in Pasadena2016 - Jun
Conversation with Ko Hiroe, M.D., Ph.D.2016 - Jun
Keiro Continues Support of Former Facilities Acknowledges Staff During Nursing Home Appreciation Week2016 - May
Keiro and Pacifica Finalize Sale of Four Senior Healthcare Facilities2016 - Feb
Teen Harnesses Power of Technology to Change Lives for the Better2015 - Oct
Keiro Funds New Study by UCLA Center for Health Policy2015 - Apr
Keiro Caregiver Conference Equips Over 300 Caregivers from Three Counties2014 - Nov
3 Part Series on Health Care Reform in the Nikkan San (in Japanese) 日本語2014 - Jan
Keiro CEO: Years of Study Led to Decision2013 - Dec
Keiro in Talks for Acquisition by Larger Organization2013 - Dec
Health Care Reform Part 3 – Looking Ahead to the Future2013 - Nov
Health Care Reform Part 2 – Effects on Nursing Home Residents and Providers Like Keiro2013 - Nov
Keiro Joins Panel Discussion to Share Success of Evidence-Based Programs2013 - Oct
Health Care Reform Part 1 – A Changing Health Care System2013 - Oct
Keiro Supports Health Research Studies2013 - Jul