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Videos and Presentations
Resources for Genki Living
Keiro has a wealth of resources to empower you for genki living! Learn about healthy living, view videos about life at Keiro, or use our interactive resource directory to find other resources in our community.

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Volunteers are the heart of Keiro

Volunteer Appreciation 2014

Staff and residents express their appreciation for Keiro volunteers. Shown at the 2014 Volunteer Appreciation Brunch. A video of Keiro.

Changing bed sheets

Caregiver Tips: How to Change Bed Sheets

Learn how to change bed sheets while a person is still in bed. A video of The Institute for Healthy Aging, powered by Keiro Senior HealthCare and supported by volunteers and donors in our community.

Guided imagery for relaxation

Caregiver Tips: Guided Imagery for Relaxation

Take a moment to relax with this guided imagery exercise led by Kanako Kusano, Health Promotion Specialist. A video of The Institute for Healthy Aging, powered by Keiro Senior HealthCare and supported by volunteers and donors in our community.

George Aratani (Keiro)

Aratani Tribute Video 2013

Keiro honors the memory of one of its founders, George Aratani, through this brief video tribute. Shown at Keiro's 2013 Benefit Dinner.

Keiro Health Care Reform video

Health Care Reform Video 2013 

In this video, experts in the field share their thoughts about health care reform and its impact on Keiro and our community. Shown at Keiro's 2013 Benefit Dinner.

Keiro Looking Forward video

Looking Forward Video 2013

This video explores exciting possibilities for the next chapter in Keiro's future. Shown at Keiro's 2013 Benefit Dinner.

caregiving video 2012

Caregiving Video 2012

View testimonials from caregivers, families, and community members who share the value of keiro, respect for our elders. Shown at Keiro's 2012 Benefit Luncheon.

genki living video 2012

Genki Living Video 2012

It is becoming increasingly important for us to take charge of our own health. View testimonials about how Keiro empowers our community to live with confidence and vitality. Shown at Keiro's 2012 Benefit Luncheon.

legacy video 2012

Legacy Video 2012

It takes a community! View testimonials about continuing the values and legacy of Keiro Senior HealthCare into the next generations. Shown at Keiro's 2012 Benefit Luncheon.

Our Legacy, Our Future

This video was shown at Keiro's 50th Anniversary Celebration on October 15, 2011. It commemorates Keiro's legacy: offering peace-of-mind to 125,000 families in our community and Keiro's future: supporting our community to age with confidence. It also recognizes the community whose values and culture Keiro embodies.

A Day in the Life at Keiro

Keiro Senior HealthCare provides peace-of-mind to our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Keiro Nursing Home, South Bay Keiro Nursing Home, Keiro Intermediate Care Facility, and Keiro Retirement Home. It also provides information on healthy "genki living" through The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro. Created in 2010.

Keiro's Living Treasures: Residents and Living Culture

Celebrating Keiro Senior HealthCare's Living Treasures - Residents and Living Culture. Keiro residents are a testament to the strength, values, and character of our community. Created in 2009.

Keiro's Living Treasures: Staff & Heartfelt Dedication

What makes Keiro SeniorHealthCare's staff so special is the heartfelt dedication they exhibit as they deliver sensitive, personalized care to each resident. Keiro staff enrich the lives of seniors and promote "genki living" in our community. Created in 2010.

Keiro's Living Treasures: Volunteers

For nearly half a century, volunteers have been the heart and hands of Keiro Senior HealthCare, whose inception itself was sparked by the volunteerism and generosity of its founders. Today, more than 700 volunteers bring a variety of talents, skills, perspectives and resources to enhance the quality of senior life in our community. Created in 2008.

KRH - Dancing: Having a Ball

Keiro Retirement Home residents enjoy ballroom dancing thanks to staff and volunteers. Created in 2011.

Caregiving Tips: Bed to Wheelchair 

Caregiver Tips: Bed to Wheelchair Transfer - NEW!

Learn how to safely transfer someone from a bed to a wheelchair, and back to the bed. A presentation of Keiro Senior HealthCare.

fall prevention

Fall Prevention - NEW!

Falls are the leading cause of injury, hospitalization, and injury-related death for people 65 and over. Learn how you can prevent falls. A presentation of Keiro Senior HealthCare.

Changing bed sheets

How to Discuss Driver Safety Concerns with Older Adults - NEW!

Learn tips for approaching the sensitive topic of driver safety. A presentation of Keiro Senior HealthCare.

Wheelchair to Car Transfer

Caregiver Tips: Wheelchair to Car Transfer

Learn how to safely transfer a person from a wheelchair to the car, and back to the wheelchair. A video of Keiro Senior HealthCare.

Hiring In-Home Care (Japanese)
Learn about who provides in-home care and pros and cons for hiring an in-home care through an agency vs. on your own. View Presentation.

Chronic Kidney Disease
Learn about kidney disease: what it is, what it means and how to prevent it. View Presentation.

The Kidney Diet
Learn meal planning for people with diabetes and high blood pressure as well as best diet to prevent chronic kidney disease. View Presentation.

Health Literacy: Prescription to Confusion
Learn why improving health literacy is important. View Presentation.

Japanese American Health Conditions
Learn about the critical health issues facing the Japanese American community and what you can do about your health.  View Presentation.
Genki Living Expo
View presentations on how to achieve Genki Living and complete wellness: physical, occupational, financial, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental. View Presentation.

Women’s Wellness
View presentations on looking as young as you feel, super foods for super skin, managing money, aging in place at home, spiritual health through tea, and AARP’s Vitality Project. View Presentation.
Healthy Aging Summit
View presentations on world population aging, public policy on aging in Japan and in the United States, and Keiro’s model of care in the Japanese American community. View Presentation.
View presentations on technology to help older adults “age in place” at home and challenges in family decision-making and communication. View Presentation.

Senior Scams
View presentations to learn different types of senior scams and ways to protect yourself from bing a victim of a scam in English or Japanese versions of the presentation.

Women and Diabetes
View presentations on Type 2 diabetes among women of ethnic groups and learn how you can prevent and manage diabetes in English or Japanese versions of the presentation. Watch the slideshow and learn how you can prevent and manage diebetes.

Genki Woman Blog

Genki Woman blog, what we hope will be a real dialogue between women on genki living.  The blog grows out of The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro’s first Women’s Wellness Conference – “Taking Charge of Ourselves: Empowering Women for Genki Living,” which was held on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

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Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.  It can also provide you with a forum for discussion and information-sharing for various causes, groups, and interests, including health and wellness.  You can learn how to navigate Facebook with this easy-to-follow guide with instructions on creating an account, making wall posts, sharing photo albums, and much more.  Be sure to "like" The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro and check back for updates!

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