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Keiro Living

It takes a community to enhance the lives of seniors! To support Genki Living at Keiro, please donate at www.keiro.org/donate or call (323) 980-7513, or volunteer at www.keiro.org/volunteer or (323) 980-2352. Thank you!

Current activities featured at Keiro facilities:


South Bay Keiro Nursing Home


Keiro Retirement Home

Shizuka Sasaki pictured with Michelle Kaito (2013 Keiro intern, now working as an activities assistant at the facility) and resident Kimiko Oshiro

Keiro Retirement Home resident with Camp Musubi kids.


The activities staff members at South Bay Keiro Nursing Home, led by Shizuka Sasaki, pictured above right with Michelle Kaito (2013 Keiro intern, now working as an activities assistant at the facility) and resident Kimiko Oshiro, wanted to create a new, environmentally-friendly program for the residents for Earth Day. They came up with Mini-bowling, which “recycles” used water bottles and the cardboard box in which the water was packaged. “It was going to be a one-time event but everyone enjoyed it, so we continued it as a regular activity,” says Shizuka. Mini-bowling, which can be played anywhere, even at home, is also good for the residents’ hand-eye coordination. Popular with the residents, this interactive game allows the residents to bowl without having to walk down a bowling lane. “Competing with other residents is fun and different,” says resident Kimiko Oshiro. “I’ve gotten much better since we started and enjoy it very much.”


As an intern with the Nikkei Community Internship (NCI) program, which places young adults in Japanese American organizations and businesses based on their career interests, 22-year-old Michelle Kaito was able to gain work experience with The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro. In addition to planning aging awareness presentations for kids in programs like Camp Musubi and Nikkei Discovery Camp, she also organized an event to enhance the lives of Keiro Retirement Home residents. “I like one-on-one interaction with residents so I chose to do a ‘Memories-in-the-Making’ type event,” explains Michelle. The residents, paired with other NCI interns, drew pictures of their fondest memories. “Working at Keiro expanded my understanding about older adults and the health care facility,” says Michelle, who now works in the activities department at South Bay Keiro Nursing Home and hopes to become a nurse. “Interacting with the residents made me realize that I’m going in the right direction on choosing nursing as my career.”



Keiro Nursing Home

Keiro Intermediate Care Facility

Volunteer Tomoko Irie with Keiro Nursing Home residents.
Hula Mau Loa with Keiro Intermediate Care Facilitiy residents.


18-year-old Tomoko Irie spent her summer at Keiro Nursing Home teaching origami to residents in the Special Care Unit for residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementia. Tomoko, whose father is a doctor for many Keiro residents, started volunteering at the age of 16. She taught origami both at Keiro Nursing Home and Keiro Intermediate Care Facility. Her mother taught her origami from a very young age and would take her to the library, where she would borrow books to learn more about origami. “I like teaching origami, especially to the elderly,” says Tomoko, whose simple yet intricate origami impresses the residents. “They tell me stories while we are making origami. Not only is it fun for the residents, it helps with their hands and minds.”


For six weeks this summer, residents at Keiro Intermediate Care Facility had the pleasure of learning hula from Hula Mau Loa (Hula Forever), a group that was formed by Megan Lee, pictured second to the left in back, a junior in high school. “I formed Hula Mau Loa because I wanted to use our passion for dance to give back to the community,” says Megan, who taught hula with her friends. Having danced hula for the past ten years, Megan, who volunteered at Keiro before by singing songs for the residents, came to Keiro this year to provide an opportunity for the residents to dance and tell stories with their hands and faces even if they are unable to move their feet. “They all looked so happy,” says Megan. “That was my favorite part: seeing the joy hula brought them.”

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