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Whether you are considering Keiro for yourself, a friend, or a loved one, we will come alongside you to provide guidance and compassionate support.  Friendly staff and volunteers are available to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to come and see for yourself why residents, families, volunteers, and staff call Keiro a “home away from home”! Use our helpful tools to determine which facility is right for you and read below about our application process.


Step 1  
Get Information
admissions box Visit our facility page or call the Keiro Information & Referral Service at (213) 873-5792 for information on Keiro’s four residential facilities and eligibility requirements
admissions box Schedule a tour of the facilities (optional)
Step 2  
Choose the Right Facility
admissions box See the “Which Facility is Right For Me (Or My Loved One)?” flow chart to determine which Keiro facility would be a good fit and meet your (or your loved one’s) needs
admissions box Contact the Keiro Information & Referral Service at (213) 873- 5792 if you have further questions
Step 3  
Fill out an application form and return it to the appropriate Keiro facility
admissions box Download an application:
Keiro Nursing Home
South Bay Keiro Nursing Home
Keiro Intermediate Care Facility
Keiro Retirement Home
admissions box Hard copies of applications are available at each facility or can be mailed to you
Keiro Nursing Home: (323) 276-5713
South Bay Keiro Nursing Home: (310) 532-0700
Keiro Intermediate Care Facility: (323) 263-9655
Keiro Retirement Home: (323) 263-9651

Step 4  
Choose appropriate services while you are on the Keiro facility waiting list
admissions box Explore your options for support services and in-home care
• Adult day programs
• Caregivers – agency based or private contractors.
   See Hiring In-Home Help: Through an Agency or On My Own?
   for tips on hiring in-home help.
• Other facilities. See the Senior Resource Directory.
admissions box Prevent further physical and mental decline
• Participate in The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro’s Lifelong Learning
Programs such as Memory Kai and A Matter of Balance.
• Modify your home to meet your needs. See our fall-proof plan
  for ideas on how to reduce your risks of injury at home.
admissions box Visit our archive to find fact sheets on various topics from hiring in-home help to managing various diseases and conditions
admissions box Contact the Keiro Information & Referral Service or (213) 873-5792.
Step 5  
Prepare to Move In
admissions box When the facility you choose has an opening, you will be contacted by Social Services to schedule an interview
admissions box Move into your new home!


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Keiro Nursing Home
2221 Lincoln Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(323) 276-5700

South Bay Keiro Nursing Home
15115 S. Vermont Avenue
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 532-0700

Keiro Intermediate Care Facility

Keiro Intermediate Care Facility
325 S. Boyle Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 263-9655

Keiro Retirement Home

Keiro Retirement Home
325 S. Boyle Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 263-9651


Genki Living Programs (IHA)
420 East Third Street Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 873-5700

Senior Care Assessment Tool
Senior Care Assessment Tool
Keiro Facilties
A simple questionnaire designed to help family members assess the situation of caring for an elderly loved one.
Download PDF
Facility Menus
Download Pre-Admissions Forms for the Keiro facility you are interested in:
Keiro Retirement Home 日本語
Keiro Intermediate Care Facility
Keiro Nursing Home
South Bay Keiro Nursing Home
Our Facitlities
Since 1961, Keiro Senior HealthCare has enhanced the quality of senior life in our community through a full continuum of care. 
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