Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is KEIRO doing a Grants Program?

The KEIRO Grants Program is a key component of KEIRO’s strategy to enhance the quality of senior life in Our Community.  We know that there are many organizations and agencies that are providing services and care for older adults and their caregivers in the Japanese American and Japanese community in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties.

Our new Grants Program will enable us to use KEIRO’s resources to support these organizations so that they can strengthen current services and develop new and innovative programs.

2. How much money will KEIRO award in grants?

$500,000 has been allocated for this inaugural cycle. As we learn more about the funding needs of organizations in Our Community that are serving older adults and caregivers, the amount may be adjusted in future cycles depending on those needs.

3. What are the deadlines for grant proposals?

KEIRO’s deadline for grant proposals is November 15th. Those who submit applications by October 31st will be able to receive a preliminary, non-binding review by KEIRO’s grants program staff.

4. Are grant guidelines available?

Yes. We have two grant categories with separate applications.

5. Can we speak to someone at KEIRO to help us write our proposal?

We encourage applicants to review our guidelines in preparing proposals and to call if they have questions. We also invite you to attend one of our informational workshops where we will review guidelines, answer questions, and assist organizations with their applications. For a schedule of workshops and to register, please click here.

6. Is there a person responsible for handling grants in specific areas of funding?

No. Proposals are not assigned based on specific areas of funding. KEIRO’s grants program staff and volunteer, community based Grants Review Committee are trained to review all types of requests.


7. Do you give grants to individuals?


8. Do you give grants to organizations outside of Los Angeles County?

Yes! KEIRO is committed to enhancing the lives of older adults and giving grants to benefit older adults in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties. Organizations that receive grants do not need to be based in these counties, as long as the older adults who benefit from the project/program/service reside in Los Angeles, Orange, or Ventura Counties.

9. Does KEIRO grant money to commercial businesses?

No, KEIRO does not fund for-profit organizations or businesses

10. We are a new organization and don’t have 501(c)3 status. May we still apply?

No. You might consider linking with an existing 501c3 that would agree to serve as a fiscal sponsor for your program.

11. How does KEIRO define “Our Community”?

Our Community refers to the Japanese American and Japanese community and those who embrace our culture and values.

12. A member of the KEIRO Board of Directors of KEIRO staff is part of our organization. Does that affect our chances for receiving a grant?

No. KEIRO Board or KEIRO staff affiliation with your organization does not influence your chances of receiving funding.

All members of the Grants Review Committee are non-Board members. Board and Grants Review Committee members all sign a Code of Ethical Conduct that outlines processes for recusing one’s self in any potential conflicts of interest.

13. Will organizations receive preferential treatment depending on their history with KEIRO?

No. Funding decisions will be based solely on the merit and impact of the proposal in accordance with the Grants Program guidelines. Any previous partnerships or relationships will not be deliberated in funding decisions for applicants.


14. Do you fund general operating expenses?

Yes. KEIRO makes grants for general operating expenses, often called core operating support, in addition to program, capital, and capacity building projects.

15. Will KEIRO consider loans?

Loans, or mission related investments, are not considered.

16. Do you prefer to fund capital or program?

Funding of direct services is a priority for KEIRO. However, we will make grants for capital expenditures, such as equipment purchases, construction and renovation. We will also consider capacity building expenses on a case-by-case basis.

17. Does KEIRO award multi-year funding?



18. Is there a minimum grant amount for the small grants program?

No. Applications are welcome for any amount up to $15,000.

19. Has a specific percentage of the $500,000 total grant amount been set aside for the small grants program?

No. The determination of grant awards will be based on the strength of the proposals received and the needs of the community that are addressed.


20. Has a specific percentage of the $500,000 total grant amount been set aside for the core grants program?

No. The determination of grant awards will be based on the strength of the proposals received and the needs of the community that are addressed.


21. How will I know if you received my proposal?

We acknowledge receipt of every proposal by email.

22. Do you require a letter of inquiry (LOI) before submitting a proposal?


23. Should we wait to hear from you before applying to others?

No. It is a good idea to submit applications to multiple sources of funding.

24. Will you come for a site visit?

A high priority is placed on contact with applicant agencies. Site visits are conducted with select organizations when a proposal is under active review. The staff person reviewing your proposal will initiate the visit. Not all applicants will have a site visit.

25. Are proposals accepted by fax or e-mail?

KEIRO is able to accept electronically submitted requests.

26. May we submit additional proposals for different projects within the same year?

We understand that a number of community centers, churches, and temples have multiple programs for older adults. KEIRO does accept multiple proposals for distinct programs that fall under the same organization. We do also accept applications from fiscally sponsored organizations who may be applying under a larger organization.

27. When and how will I know if my proposal has been accepted or rejected?

All applicants will receive an electronic communication regarding the status of their application after the Grants Review Committee has reviewed, deliberated, and made recommendations regarding the request. We anticipate final decisions to be announced in March 2017.

28. In addition to the proposal, what kinds of supporting documentation will we be asked to submit?

Click here to download our grant proposal guidelines which outline the required attachments.

29. We recently submitted a proposal and were declined. May we re-submit?

Another request is eligible for consideration during our next grant cycle. Please sign up for KEIRO’s e-newsletter to stay up to date on our next grants cycle.


30. If we submit a proposal early will we receive feedback from staff?

Yes. If you submit your proposal by October 31st with the indication that you would like a preliminary review, KEIRO grants program staff will look over submitted materials and give you feedback on any items that may require further refinement. Any proposal submission from November 1-15th will not be considered for preliminary review. Preliminary review does not mean an earlier approval process, but having input from grants review staff will likely result in a stronger proposal.

31. Our proposal was declined. Can you tell us why?

The grants program staff and Board look for exemplary programs and projects that best meet KEIRO’s key areas of interest. We are happy to share feedback on proposals that were not funded. Please contact Brandon Leong at to schedule a time to get more detailed feedback on your request.


32. If our organization is awarded, how long do we have to complete the final report?

Final reports are due at the conclusion of the grant cycle. The grant cycle is 12 months after receiving the award. If any changes need to be made from the original project timeline, contact Brandon Leong at

33. How will I know if you received my final report?

We acknowledge receipt of every report by email.

How soon can we reapply?

Your organization is eligible to reapply for funding during the next grant cycle.

Additional information:

For more information, please contact Brandon Leong, Director of Grants Program, at 213.873.5705 or

日本語での詳細は、福山可奈子まで、電話 213.873.5709 あるいはEメール にてお問い合わせください。