Core Values Guiding Our Way Forward

Keiro’s values are the bedrock from which we were formed.  They were first articulated by the Founders in the 1960s, and they have been used to shape our new strategic vision, goals, programs, and the way we operate.  They inspire us and propel us towards our desired impact within the community.

As Keiro’s constituency expands to include the approximately 70,000 Japanese American and Japanese seniors in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, we will sustain our core values of respect for the elderly, integrity, compassion, community, and stewardship.  In addition, we have added a sixth value, cultural sensitivity, which has long been the keystone of Keiro’s work in Our Community.

During the planning process of the past year, the Keiro Board of Directors took each of these values and developed a description of what they mean to the organization.  Values are always aspirational, and the new Keiro, emerging from the sale of facilities, strives to continue to embody these tenets both internally, in the way we work and govern operations, as well as externally, in the way we engage with Our Community.


Respect for the Elderly. Keiro celebrates the lives of older adults and strives to support their needs so that they may live with dignity, vitality, and confidence.  We continue to actively learn from older adults, drawing on their experience and knowledge to guide both our individual actions and organizational decisions.

Integrity. Our organization is guided by the core principle of integrity, which encompasses honesty, accountability, and responsibility in actions.  We seek to earn and sustain the trust of community members and stakeholders by taking a thoughtful, deliberate approach to making wise investments that improve the health, wellbeing, and quality of life for older adults.

Compassion. We work to ensure that Japanese American and Japanese older adults are served with compassion and can experience the best of health, home, family and community as they age.  We care for Our Community’s older adults, especially the most vulnerable, and strive to meet them where they are in life without judgment.

Community. Keiro has expanded its reach from serving 600 older adults in four direct healthcare facilities, to serving not only the residents of the former facilities but the 70,000 seniors in Our Community who live in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties.  This includes the residents of our former facilities.  We are also collaborating with experts, community leaders, stakeholders, and residents to refine future programs that are culturally relevant, effective, and meet the changing needs of Our Community.

Stewardship. We will always honor the legacy of our founders and supporters by staying true to Keiro’s mission and infusing Our Community’s values into all programs.  Through continuous assessment of the community’s evolving needs, we strive to formulate a sound vision and strategic goals that result in measureable impact.

Cultural Sensitivity. Culture is a critical factor of success in all Keiro program and service delivery.  Our efforts are driven by Our Community’s beliefs, values, and traditions. We will continue providing culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate programs, services, and support systems.


These six important and interconnected values will serve as the rudders for Keiro’s continuing commitment to enhancing the quality of senior life in Our Community.