Transforming the Wellbeing of Our Community

Founded in 1961, Keiro is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of senior life in Our Community.

Keiro provides services to older adults and caregivers, along with programs for residents of Keiro’s former facilities—helping older adults in Our Community to age the way they choose.


To enhance the quality of senior life in Our Community.

Who We Serve

Keiro is expanding our reach to broadly engage and support older adults wherever they call home. Primary constituencies we serve are:

  • Older adults who are Japanese American, or of Japanese descent, and those who embrace our culture and values
  • Those who care for and support older adults in our community, including family, caregivers, and organizations
  • Nonprofit, public, and other service providers who could benefit from Keiro’s philosophy, approaches, and methodology that contributes to the quality of senior life

Keiro’s geographic scope is:

  • Primarily Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties

Program Areas

The unique needs of older adults and caregivers call for a renewed investment in programs that promote aging and living with vitality and balance across the eight dimensions of wellbeing. Our high quality, high impact programs will better align with changing community needs, address increasing diversity, and maximize reach and impact in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties. In addition, our work will have state, national, and international implications and influence.

We have defined three core program areas:

  • Services to Older Adults

Keiro is committed to improving the health and quality of life of older adults in Our Community. This program area focuses on promoting holistic Genki Living principles, providing support to older adults so they can live independently for as long as they are able, and making informed decisions and thoughtful plans regarding a broad spectrum of end-of-life issues.  We also seek to build community among older adults in Our Community in order to reduce isolation and to sustain a network of centers serving older adults.

  • Support of Caregivers

This program area focuses on enhancing the support systems for caregivers to ease their physical, psychological, and financial burdens. In addition, it addresses the needs of the most vulnerable older adults who lack access to adequate, culturally sensitive caregiving.  We will also develop well-trained caregivers who are physically and emotionally equipped to provide culturally sensitive, effective care along a continuum of needs.

  • Programs for Residents of Keiro’s Former Facilities

We are working with the new operators of our organization’s former facilities with a commitment to sustaining culturally sensitive programming and an active volunteer program to support the wellbeing of residents.

“Without Keiro, it would be very difficult for various organizations, with different goals and agendas, to come together and address the health needs of our community.”

Lori Tamura, connections pastor at Westlight Community Church